The Best Custom Home Additions in Richmond, VA

Home Addition Services

Adding More Room to Your Existing Home

If you feel like your home simply isn’t large enough, adding on is the best way to go. From an extra bedroom to a second bathroom, there are tons of custom home additions that can make your Richmond home better fit your needs. At Wright Path Remodeling, we specialize in all sorts of home additions to help you get the most out of your home. Popular options include new levels and spaces that sit on top of existing garages, as well as more garage space to hold extra cars or provide a home fitness room. The possibilities are endless at Wright Path Remodeling.

A Great Investment in Your Home

When selling your home and moving to a new one isn’t an option, home additions are the best and most affordable route to take. Wright Path Remodeling can work with you through the design process for the perfect addition to your home no matter what you’re looking for. Since we can do flooring as well as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, we can handle a lot of the work on our own. We’re an experienced remodeling project manager – meaning we don’t usually work with any subcontractors unless we absolutely have to. This saves our clients time and money in the long run, and it also ensures a consistent quality standard across the work. When you need a custom home addition, calling Wright Path Remodeling is the simple solution.